I was first introduced to the works of Dr. Stephen Covey in the mid-nineties, when, as a Quality Engineering Manager, I was enrolled in a company-sponsored course on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Back then, I was goal-driven and very much a product of, as Dr. Covey would say, “the personality ethic”. I was big on goals and the “clock” (as opposed to the compass), and was very much focused on success. That first brush with the Habits may have only casually interested me, but years later, I began to discover the wisdom of Dr. Covey’s teachings. Over time, with continued reading, the 7 Habits started taking hold. The more I read and listened, the more sense they made, the more they gnawed at my conscience, and the more I became fascinated with how well each habit was integrated with the whole.

I created this blog for two reasons. The first – to apply and teach what I have learned and continue to learn from this remarkable book, along with others that Dr. Covey has written. Dr. Covey stresses that if one really wants to learn, they should teach the material they are learning.

The second reason for bringing this blog to life is to share the wisdom of the 7 Habits. I truly believe even the most cynical amongst us cannot dispute the truth within them. And I also strongly believe the world would be a better place if more people embraced the 7 Habits, brought them into their lives, and taught them to family, friends, and associates.